5G / IoT Security
Service provider reference architecture depicting security positioning over mobile networks


5G and IoT create disruptive business opportunities for mobile network operators. It’s time to move beyond delivering connectivity. It’s time to use security as a business enabler and competitive advantage so you can seize the 5G opportunity.

The evolution to 5G opens the door to exciting new services – but it also increases the number of potential intrusion points, amplifying the security impact.

To tap into the 5G business opportunities with minimal risk of being exploited by bad actors, you need complete visibility and automated security across all network locations.

VDI Solution
Stand Alone and Cloud Hotspot Solution
- Stand Alone HVE Systems are great for starting a new VDI environment. It comes fully configured and ready to deploy.

- HVE Systems can be used to create a Cloud "Hotspot" at a remote location. This setup is ideal for branch offices or other locations separated from the main data center that do not have sufficient bandwidth or other resources to communicate effectively with the central infrastructure.

Tethered Solution
Tethered HVE Systems are designed to tie into existing infrastructure. It is an efficient and cost-effective way to expand desktop pools.